• One Week Warning-Time for Session Proposals!!!

    It is hard to believe that THATCamp is only a week away. Please help us create the schedule by letting us know what kinds of sessions interest you . You can propose discussions about questions and topics, working sessions where participants learn a skill, working groups where participants work on a project, or just about anything else related to Digital Humanities.

    To add your proposal, simply click on the “+New” tab at the very top. If this doesn’t work out, simply reply to my post. If you would prefer to share your idea directly with our coordinator, you can send him a message at ude.l1542673423lahsr1542673423am@eg1542673423dirbw1542673423ort.d1542673423ivad1542673423

    Participants can add their ideas in the morning session as well. Once all suggestions are in, everyone will vote and indicate which sessions appeal to them the most. We take it from there-majority rules but no session idea is ever rejected because participants can always start their own “grassroots” sessions in the lobby. Ain’t democracy grand?

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